Bojan Golmarr

Who said a little biting and pulling was a bad thing? Oh darling I'm talking about fighting, come now I am a lady after all. Now fancy another drink or should I move on to my next patron.


Name: Bojan Golmarr
Age: 26
Race: Miqo'te (Currently) Au Ra (Xaela Clan) (formerly)
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Purple
Religion: The Lover
Marital Status: Single
Physical attributes: Scales that soften when excited
Personality: Light-hearted, Flirtatious, Mischievous
Profession: Dancer, Bartender, Adventurer
Likes: Music, Books, Crafting Signature Cocktails,
Dislikes: Over-confidence to the point of too cocky

RP: Yes
ERP: Pique my interest and we can talk from there

Her Story

The Fifty-one clans of Xaela, unique to the point they can be called their own nations. The clan of the Lovers is one such clan, smaller than most, they are regarded as one of the more mysterious clans. Bojan, was the daughter of their clans chief hunter and of their unique medicine woman. A family of high regard, her sister and her we're viewed by many as not only beautiful but some of the more intelligent members of the clan, with the younger gaining her fathers aptitude for hunting and Bojan gaining her mother's talents for brewing and crafting.
The clan as a whole saw this as a gift, for they viewed them as the next leaders. Their Gods though, The Lovers, however gifted Bojan with an adventerous nature. Gaining a habit of biting off more than she can chew, meeting a wild Purbol out in the plains. Sensing the danger her father rushed to give aid, ultimately sustaining a mortal wound for his precious first daughter.
Grief stricken by the loss of her father, Bojan began to improve her medicine making skills alongside her mother. This however worried her mother and younger sister, as this grew into more of an obsession with how to stop the dead from dying. Seeking a better life, her mother found a traveling troupe to take Bojan away to help grow her skills. Coming across another tribe in their travels, Bojan soon met Baby Myst, a performer in training who like herself, was trying to find her place in the world.
Landing soon after in Kugane, the nightlife seemed to change the young Au Ra maiden. Trading potion bottles for alcohol, Bojan began to work as a bartender to help earn extra gil for the troupe. She found a passion in it, aside from the fact it was a steady income, she was free to create new drinks that helped people feel better, she also found herself being drawn to listening in on people's conversations. In this she found her old clans words ringing true in her ear, "Spread love to those who are willing to listen". Hearing her friend Myst was departing, she followed her west towards Eorzea.
It was here she gained more, becoming a member of a free company and earning a title of an adventurer. In the streets of the goblet however, she found a club of dreamers, offering her skills as a bartender, she found herself a steady job outside of the adventurers lifestyle. Freedom to travel and create, Bojan has become almost an enigma for patrons. Rumors began to spread of not only her beauty, but skills behind the counter as well. No ordinary bartender, she was able to make the drinks sing, almost as if the gods themselves were waiting to be served. With a bite of her lip, a twirl of her hair and a twinkle in her eyes, many who come and sit seem to be unable to pull themselves away. Sit awhile and get lost in her movements, make sure you bring enough gil though, you are paying for the best bartender in the whole of Eorzea after all.
A small tragedy soon struck Bojan, as an unruly patron that was both lovestruck and obsessed with her. Wanting to have her personality and change her beauty, he slipped a fantasia into her glass, changing the once proud Au Ra into a beautiful Miqo'te. Adjusting to the changes, she has made best of what she can, saving her hard earned gil to possibly transform back.